Q: What ingredients do you use?
A: Sugar, flour, butter, fresh eggs, and the finest Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla available. Period. From the beginning, our objective was to offer a cookie made from clean ingredients. We carefully select high-quality fresh ingredients in order to make our dough and Royal Icing from scratch. We do not use any pre-made mix whatsoever. As a matter of fact, we use fresh eggs and hand crack every one with great affection.

Q: Are your cookies really hand-decorated?
A: Each and every cookie is hand-decorated, from beginning to end. Our team is made up of artisans in the traditional sense. They expect nothing but perfection from themselves and do not tolerate anything less than perfection from everyone on the team. It is the Frosted Baker pride that sets us apart from the rest of the cookie world! This is NOT your store bought, machine made cookie.

Q: What flavor is your hand-decorated cookies?
A: Our flavor is the butter cookie, just like Grandma made. What you taste is the fresh ingredients, baked to perfection, with a wonderful hint of vanilla. The Royal Icing is subtle and does not get in the way of the taste of the cookie. You will be delighted with the taste and texture of the cookie.

Are your cookies organic?
A: No but our dough is made with all natural ingredients. The brilliant and vibrant colored royal icing has only the necessary amount of artificial food coloring which prevents us from referring to these gems as “organic”.

Q: What is the shelf-life of your products?
A: All of the products we manufacture have a minimum of six months shelf-life. Each cookie is individually bagged in a food grade bag and heat sealed for freshness.


Q: Are you products nut-free?
A: Our factory is a nut-free environment and as such all of our hand-decorated cookies are nut-free.

Q: Do I have to refrigerate the cookies?
A: No. Our hand-decorated cookies should not be refrigerated. We recommend that they be kept at dry-room temperature.

Q: Are you able to customize or personalize the cookies?
A: The Frosted Baker is on the cutting edge of combining hand-made cookies with a personalized touch. And we are capable of doing so on a mass scale. We make “logo” cookies where we take the logo of a company and produce an exact replica which is placed on the cookie and bordered with icing. The branding value of this item is incredible.

Q: Do you have the capability to fulfill corporate orders?
A: Corporate orders are a common part of our business; branding, gift sets, employee gifts. We can drop-ship directly to your customers or palletize your order. To receive additional information on our corporate program please call one of our friendly customer service staff at 1-847-672-6811.

Q: Do you make all of your products yourself?
A: Made in the USA! All of our hand-decorated cookies are made in a 7,500 square foot bakery located in Waukegan, Illinois.